RW Abergavenny
RW Abergavenny

Conservatory Solid Roof Conversion

Conservatory Solid Roof Conversion

RW Abergavenny recently completed this solid roof conversion. We constructed the original conservatory in 2002. The customer came back to us in 2014 wanting to upgrade his conservatory. We carried out the conversion fitting a solid fully insulated roof which makes any conservatory an all year round usable space.

The conservatory solid roof conversion from RW Abergavenny is externally clad with light weight tiles (available in a range of colours). Roof is insulated to a standard required by current building regulations. A range of internal finishes are available.

Another conservatory which has been transformed with our fully insulated solid conservatory roof conversion. Creating an all year round room, this is also a massive energy saving product.....Its also very quiet when it rains! We now fully fabricate our own roof which is pre-assembled in our workshop; this is then dismantled saving time on site so your new fully insulated energy saving solid roof conversion is completed more speedily.


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